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Memory Con Returns March 2024

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Computer History Museum, Silicon Valley, CA
26-27 March, 2024

This year's Memory Con USA has now finished. Register your interest to avoid missing important updates about the 2024 instalment.

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Connecting Systems to Software

Why Attend

MemCon 2024 asks the simple question of how are compute and memory functions changing? How does systems design need to evolve to cope with data-centric computing? What does system data management look like in the future?

Why Attend:

Enterprises can sometimes use as little as 1% of their total available compute due to the ‘Memory Wall’ bottleneck and other systems design inefficiencies. MemCon 2024 breaks down these ‘Memory Wall’ and system design issues by putting together internal teams at organizations working with data-intensive workloads, AI vendors, and technology vendors, who are creating next-generation systems and components. MemCon 2024 is a one-stop-shop for emerging technologies in the memory and storage domain, and a hub for efficient data movement and management.

For technology vendors and system designers, MemCon 2024 is a user-centric deep-dive and a recognized launchpad for emerging technologies such as CXL and emerging memories. MemCon 2024 gives technology vendors direct access to meet data practitioners, who are grappling with designing efficient AI/ML systems.

For technology end-users, such as enterprise teams working on large language models (LLMs), or AI vendors that are designing state-of-the-art models, MemCon 2024 provides a platform to meet peers trying to overcome system data movement and management challenges. The conference provides real-world feedback for technology vendors and allows AI vendors and technology end-users to be at the forefront of system design innovation.

What’s in it for you?

  • Discover, discuss, and debate data management roadblocks such as data complexities and limitations of traditional system design.
  • Make sense of ownership costs through understanding the intricacies of data management economics and reduce potential trade-offs by recognizing potential workload impacts on system design.
  • Future-proof your data management operations through industry-leading insights from hardware and software architects alike. Be the first to see new products entering the market that will level up AI/ML deployments and unlock new systems innovation.
  • Join a thriving network of systems and AI/ML experts - whether accessing new pools of customers, connecting with potential technology partners, or tackling data issues with peers – the team at MemCon 2024 have got your back


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