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Animal Microbiome Europe 2020

Advancing the future of animal nutrition through probiotics, feed additives, and customised diets

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16-17 September, 2020

For 2020 we will once again be we're hosting our the Animal Microbiome Innovation Showcase. Submitting is free of charge, and we're accepting applications from many different types of animal microbiome start-ups. Click below to learn more about the criteria and get your application in early!

“The program was well-designed and balanced to promote a good discussion across expertise, the sessions were well-chaired and, and there was time for networking”

David Yáñez-Ruiz, Spanish National Research Council

We are incredibly excited to bring you the Animal Microbiome Europe Innovation Showcase once again for London 2020

Six emerging companies hand-picked by our selection committee will have the chance to pitch their ideas to a room full of potential advisors, investors, and partners. Presentations will showcase the new products, services, and research being brought to market.

- An academic with a desire to develop and commercialise an innovative idea or piece of research that will benefit livestock animals or companion animals
- A product generating start-up or biotech company looking for investment or partnerships

Submission deadline:  June 2020

Finalists Announced: July 2020


Submissions will be accepted from the following categories:

-  Gut, oral, and skin health
- Alternative feeds and proteins
- Antibiotic alternatives and feed additives (in-feed enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, bacteriophages, peptides, organic acids, and phytogenics)
- Customized solutions


Complete your company details on the form below to apply:

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Describe features and benefits of product/technology. What problem do you solve? Please note, this answer will be used for promotional material if you are selected as a Finalist.
Describe underlying technology of product and current stage of development. Please note, this answer will be used for promotional material if you are selected as a Finalist.
Describe competition and your relative strengths in comparison to competitors. Also describe barriers to entry.
Describe the strategic intent of the company and what you hope to achieve through participation at this event. e.g. what type of technology you are seeking or what technology are you offering.

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