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REPORT: KLC Hardware Accelerators 2020-21 (Part 1): Technology and Market Landscapes, 2020

WEBINAR: Making Sense of the AI Chip Market: The Data Center/ HPC Perspective

About KR Tech

The landscape of the technology industry, and the fundamental way in which computing is done, is facing a paradigm shift. A sudden and huge increase in demand for computational power, driven by big data, AI, and the growth of IOT and edge computing, especially with 5G roll out, has coincided with the performance plateauing of CPU-based computing and the limitations of von Neumann architectures. The horizon of future computing encompasses domain-specific hardware, quantum computing and new innovations in algorithms.

KR Tech was launched to bring our clients both intensively researched conference programmes, business intelligence and the most influential networks. Kisaco Research genuinely helps its clients set and reset their business destinations and chart their own courses.

Kisaco Research Tech

Meet KR – Tech Chief Analyst

Michael Azoff is Chief Analyst at Kisaco Research, the company behind the AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit series. His responsibilities include the production of Kisaco Research’s first industry vendor comparison report comprising of nearly 20 AI chip vendors across the global ecosystem.

In his career Michael worked at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory building simulators for electron and hole transport in semiconductors for UK national and European community research projects and published papers in learned journals. He then turned to building neural networks when backpropagation was invented and created a startup selling his Prognostica Microsoft Excel add-in for time series forecasting and wrote a book on the topic for publisher John Wiley & Sons in 1994. Since 2003 he has worked as an IT industry analyst covering software engineering topics, from agile and DevOps, to application lifecycle management and cloud native computing. He started covering machine learning when deep learning emerged as the most recent wave of interest in AI and left his position as Distinguished Analyst at Ovum/Informa to join Kisaco Research and help build an analyst capability.

Our Network

David Patterson, Distinguished Engineer, Google

David Patterson is a UC Berkeley professor of the graduate school, a Google distinguished engineer, and the RISC-V Foundation Vice-Chair. He received his BA, MS, and PhD degrees from UCLA. His Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC), Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID), and Network of Workstation projects helped lead to multibillion-dollar industries.

This work led to about 40 awards for research, teaching, and service plus many papers and seven books. The best known book is Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach and the newest is The RISC-V Reader.

He and his co-author John Hennessy shared the 2017 ACM A.M Turing Award.

Partnership Opportunities

The KR Tech portfolio is your global, multi-channel partner to reach, engage and interact with the most influential and important stakeholders in the world of high tech.

With a solution to hit every objective, our high-level annual summits, bespoke introductions, reports, webinars and content-driven marketing offer multiple ways engage your target market and can form an integral part of your annual marketing plan.
At Kisaco, we also know that in a sector that develops and progresses quicker than most, you need different solutions at different times of the year, so our packages can be built to order to fit in with your current plans.

Product launch? – If you need to bring a new product to market, you’ll need air time to make announcements, synchronized marketing and PR announcements to leverage our audiences and media partnerships, as well as access to client accounts to build sales pipelines. We can help!

Need to drive leads? Our summits offer best-in-class networking opportunities, giving you access to decision makers to arrange meetings, while our bespoke webinars offer up a chance to get hundreds of leads in one single activity.

Want thought leadership? Showcase your expertise by presenting on market-leading programs (US English) alongside luminaries like John Hennessey, David Patterson, Vinod Khosla and Lip-Bu Tan.

Need investment? – Regardless of where you are in your fund-raising journey, we have can help give you the visibility and platform you need to put you in the eyeline of the investor.

Need Competitive Intelligence? – Reports by our new Chief Analyst, Michael Azoff, provide in-depth insights into the market & technology landscapes of high tech industries, and profile participating vendors in an objective, comparative way

Talk to us today to see how we can give you access to the decision makers you need and look at a short, mid or long term marketing plan. E: [email protected]

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