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Designing Microbiome-Modulating Therapeutics and Diagnostics for the Treatment of Neurological, Cancer, Metabolic and Gastro-Intestinal Indications.

Boston, USA
3-4 June, 2020

“This event is a unique gathering of individuals from academia and industry who are collaborating to advance microbiome science. Kisaco has gone out of their way to include speakers and perspectives not found elsewhere. I look forward to attending again.”

KC Microbiome Communications Group

Following on from our European event in London last year, where Twitter went wild over the Promoting Women in Science session which was hosted by Elisabeth Bik and Sue Llewellyn, we're excited to be hosting a Women in Microbiome Mixer ahead of our North American congress.

Join us on February 5th before the full conference kicks off the next morning for a free ladies-only mixer. 

To RSVP, fill in your details here.

To attend the Mixer, you must be registered for the congress. Kiasco Research will be organizing the Mixer, but won't be covering the costs of food and drink. 

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