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Interactive Session with Teradyne

AI Hardware Summit Asia
4-5 June, 2019

To Deliver on the Promise of AI: Find a Trusted Test Partner

Across cloud infrastructure and edge applications, artificial intelligence has taken center stage. As AI chip companies look to deliver new products to market fast, with high yield and low DPPM, the need for a trusted and experienced test partner is critical. On Wednesday June 5, Teradyne will host a one-hour session to share the essential steps you and your company should take today to test your AI chips, and the new test concepts and solutions to ensure you can deliver the innovations of tomorrow. We will discuss:

  • AI chip ATE test techniques and solutions for aggressive Time-to-Market
  • AI chip ATE test techniques and solutions for maximizing test coverage
  • Future ATE test concepts and solutions for AI chips

 Join a small group of leading AI chip companies for a conversation with the leader in semiconductor automatic test equipment, Teradyne. You can register below today.

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