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Building the quantum computing ecosystem

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4 October, 2022

Fast, Efficient and Affordable AI - find out more about the AI Hardware Summit (13 - 15 September 2021).

Using Edge Computing to Bring Real-Time & Secure AI Everywhere - discover more about the Edge AI Summit (16 - 18 November 2021).

Looking to showcase your recent work to the Quantum Computing community?

Our dedicated poster session is the perfect way to get your research noticed. In order to present a poster at the forum, you need to be registered as a delegate. Please note that there are limited spaces available and poster space is assigned on a first come, first serve basis (subject to checks and successful registration). At the forum, your presentation will be displayed in a dedicated area on the platform. 

Posters should be sized A0 (841mm x 1189mm) in portrait orientation.

For more information please contact [email protected]

Subject Access Requests: If you would like a copy of the data/information we hold about you, please email [email protected].

User Deletion Request: If you wish to have your information that is held by Kisaco Research deleted, please email [email protected].

For more information on Kisaco Research policy and procedures, please visit our Privacy Policy.

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