Personalized Nutrition USA 2021: Pitch & Partner

This year, the summit is once again championing the most innovative and disruptive companies in the Personalized Nutrition space.

From start-ups focused on microbiome, blood or genetics testing, to those innovating trackable technology and artificial intelligence- this is an opportunity to showcase your brand and personalized products to a room filled with investors, ingredients providers, food manufacturers, and leaders in the nutrition industry. If you are a start up in data capture, analytics, personalized supplements, or wearable technology, you can apply here to present on the main stage. 

The six shortlisted start-ups will be handpicked by our very own selection committee.

Deadline for applications Friday 21st May. 

Succinctly and clearly describe the business in terms of the tangible results and advantages provided to the customer and the problem/unmet need that it addresses better than anything else available.
Describe features and benefits of product/technology. What problem do you solve?
Describe underlying technology of product and current stage of development
Describe competition and your relative strengths in comparison to competitors. Also describe barriers to entry.
Describe the strategic intent of the company and what you hope to achieve through participation at this event. e.g. what type of technology you are seeking or what technology are you offering.

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