NutrInnovate Submission Form | Kisaco Research

Central to the Personalized Nutrition Innovation Summit, 'NutrInnovate', a platform for eight of the most exciting emerging companies in the space will pitch their innovative ideas to a room full of potential advisors, investors and partners. Our esteemed selection committee will handpick these final eight presenting companies from the list of all applicants.

Submissions will be accepted from start-ups in data capture, analytics, personalized supplements, meal planning and wearable technology that are actively seeking financial investment, acquisition, distribution, and/or marketing.

The more detailed the application form, the more information the selection committee can use to make their decision. However, if you do not wish to fill in a question, please feel free to leave it blank.

Describe proprietary position in terms of patents and patents pending. If you do not have any IP explain what provides the unique position of your product in the marketplace.

Subject Access Requests: If you would like a copy of the data/information we hold about you, please email [email protected].

User Deletion Request: If you wish to have your information that is held by Kisaco Research deleted, please email [email protected].

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