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Aquaculture Innovation Europe

Showcasing the most exciting innovation across Nutrition, Health and Digital

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London, UK
10-11 September, 2019

“This was another successful conference building on last year’s event. There was lots of content - we were certainly kept busy and engaged throughout. It was a great opportunity to catch up with innovators and industry players, and to make some new contacts”

Jamie Stein, Devonian Capital

“In my opinion, this is one of the best Aquaculture innovation conferences in the world”

Carsten Krome, CEO, HATCH

Our Selection Committee will select twelve Emerging/ Start up companies from the list of applications to present on-site to the audience of investors. These presentations will showcase the innovation and opportunity that the emerging companies bring to their various markets.

Submissions will be accepted from companies in the following categories: Nutrition, Health and Digital. They should be early to mid-stage companies that are actively looking for financial investment or strategic partnerships, and can range from pre-revenue companies all the way up to larger entities that have annual revenues of up to £10 million, looking to increase scale and manufacturing.

Deadline for submissions: 28th June 2019

The results will be announced in mid July - watch this space!

Showcase Applicants receive £100 discount on their event pass. The booking link will appear on-screen once you've submitted your form, and will also be sent via email within 48 hours.

Succinctly and clearly describe the business in terms of the tangible results and advantages provided to the customer and the problem/unmet need that it addresses better than anything else available.
Describe features and benefits of product/technology. What problem do you solve?
Describe underlying technology of product and current stage of development
Describe competition and your relative strengths in comparison to competitors. Also describe barriers to entry.
Describe the strategic intent of the company and what you hope to achieve through participation at this event. e.g. what type of technology you are seeking or what technology are you offering.

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