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Translating microbiome research into commercial applications

About the Microbiome Connect Portfolio

Microbiome Connect is an event series dedicated to showcasing the leading drug development and consumer product platforms applying live microbial consortia, engineered microbes, and microbial-derived metabolites to improve the health and wellness of patients and consumers.

Hosting audiences of executive decision-makers, from biotech, academia and service providers, these conferences in this series look specifically at the growing scientific understanding of the compositional and functional dynamics of the human microbiome, and how this insight is enabling innovative efforts to develop microbe-derived products that can prevent and treat various health disorders and diseases.

Attending these industry-leading conferences you will have the opportunity to meet pioneering companies developing robust, scalable, and reproducible formulations and processes for live biotherapeutics entering late clinical investigations, advanced product development and reaching for the clinic or the consumer market across the field.

  • Gut Therapeutics
  • Skin Microbiome
  • Oral Microbiome
  • Animal Microbiome


  • Drug development conferences looking specifically at clinically validating novel mechanisms of action, accelerating rational drug development strategies in gastrointestinal disorders, and beyond in neurological, metabolic, and oncology-based indications, as well as establishing commercial ready manufacturing platforms.

  • Health and wellness conferences specifically look at the commercial potential for companies to meet shifting consumer needs by developing products with probiotic, prebiotic and postbiotic ingredients. An invaluable opportunity to discover how research leaders are developing novel formulations applicable to enhanced nutrition, digestive wellness, oral and skincare products.

  • Veterinary medicine conferences covering the development of microbiome modulation products, such as probiotics and feed additives, in the domestic and livestock animal space.

  • High value topic specific discussions, with key industry stakeholders, on the applicability of live biotherapeutics including the utility and development challenges for bacteriophage therapies in anti-microbial treatments.

Anchored by our flagship Summit series, we also provide additional opportunities for our microbiome community to network and learn through our webinars, virtual events, roundtables and Start-Up Showcases

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Our Network of Thought Leaders

Meet our network of throughly talented thought leaders that help shape our events into industry-leading summits

Strategic Partners

From the market-leading LBP Manufacturing companies to CROS, CDMO's, Sequencing and anymore; our Strategic Partners continue to play a pivotal role in how we help shape the future of the microbiome field. For more information on how to become a strategic partner, please visit our Marketing Solutions page.

Partnership Opportunities

Microbiome Connect is your global, multi-channel partner to reach, engage and interact with the most influential and important stakeholders in the world of microbiome.

With a solution to hit every objective, our high-level annual summits, bespoke introductions, webinars and content-driven marketing offer multiple ways engage your target market and can form an integral part of your annual marketing plan.
At Kisaco, we also know that in a sector that develops and progresses quicker than most, you need different solutions at different times of the year, so our packages can be built to order to fit in with your current plans.

• Product launch? – If you need to bring a new product to market, you’ll need air time to make announcements, synchronized marketing and PR announcements to leverage our audiences and media partnerships, as well as access to client accounts to build sales pipelines. We can help!

• Need to drive leads? Our summits offer best-in-class networking opportunities, giving you access to decision makers to arrange meetings, while our bespoke webinars offer up a chance to get hundreds of leads in one single activity.

• Want thought leadership? Showcase your expertise by presenting on market-leading programs (US English)

• Need investment? – Regardless of where you are in your fund-raising journey, we have can help give you the visibility and platform you need to put you in the eyeline of the investor.

Talk to us today to see how we can give you access to the decision makers you need and look at a short, mid or long term marketing plan. E: [email protected]

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