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2023 Agenda - Advocacy

Women's Health Innovation Summit 2024
23-25 September, 2024
Boston, MA, USA

Advocacy Sessions

Bridging the Public-Private Sector Gap to Facilitate Growth

Both the public and private sector are instrumental in driving innovation, investment & research but the two have historically remained on separate trajectories. Over the past couple of years, the gradual increase in conversations have opened up a number of opportunities to serve many unmet needs in women’s health. Join this intimate discussion to hear from those at the forefront of bridging the public-private sector gap, as they outline the opportunities and challenges in driving the industry forward.

Who Gets Priority? Creating a Roadmap and Working Collectively to Maximize Outcomes

Limited funds and resources can often pit organisations with competing women’s health priorities against each other; fighting for investment and national recognition. This discussion will highlight how different stakeholders from across the public and private sector can work collectively for change, creating a sustainable roadmap towards improving outcomes for all women.

Leveraging the Role of Advocacy Groups to Accelerate Innovation, Investment, Research & Partnerships in Women’s Health

Advocacy groups, think tanks, lobbyists and non-profit organizations all play significant roles in propelling the women’s health industry forward. Join this discussion to hear about the work that they’re doing to address the gaps, from highlighting the administrative barriers to care, to guiding patients through complex healthcare systems and promoting awareness of the most underserved areas of women’s health to policy makers.

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Advocacy Speakers