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At Kisaco Research we bring our clients both intensively researched conference programmes and the most influential networks. Kisaco Research genuinely helps its clients set and reset their business destinations and chart their own courses.

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Our level of research ensures the topics and products we offer are of utmost relevance and timeliness; our 30+ years of combined experience in the event industry means we have an unmatched level of strategic social engineering onsite.


Kisaco Research works with the early adopters and leaders of growth markets in driving their respective industries forward and in providing the right knowledge, learning and social opportunities to stimulate business growth quickly and effectively. Kisaco Research produces, designs and hosts B2B industry conferences and exhibitions. Our platforms are neutral, so that our attendees get the right information from the most relevant people.

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Animal Health LatAm - Portugues
29-30 May 2018
São Paulo, Brasil
O Fórum de Inovação em Saúde Animal da América Latina regressa em 2018 como continuação das nossas bem-sucedidas séries na Europa e na Ásia. Este evento reúne empresas biotecnológicas em fase de arranque e em fase de crescimento, investidores financeiros e empresas farmacêuticas com vista a estimular mais o crescimento da indústria da saúde animal e o ritmo da inovação através de parcerias e investimentos. O Fórum combina reuniões individuais profícuas e conteúdos educacionais, sessões de pitching (procura de parceiros) e palestras de qualidade sobre as ideias centrais de líderes mundiais. Todas as sessões serão traduzidas em tempo real em espanhol e inglês.
Animal Health LatAm 2018
29-30 May 2018
São Paulo, Brasil
Animal Health Innovation Latin America returns for 2018, as an extension of our already successful series in Europe and Asia. This event brings early & mid stage biotech companies together with financial investors and pharmaceutical companies to better stimulate the growth of the animal health industry and the speed of innovation through partnerships and investment. The Forum combines efficient 1-on-1 meetings with educational content, pitching sessions and high-level keynote talks from global leaders. We have live translation of all sessions in English and Portuguese.
AgChem and Technology Latam 2018
23-24 May 2018
Grand Mercure São Paulo Ibirapuera, Sao Paulo, Brazil
The global agrochemical market is projected to reach $266.0 billion by 2021, by attending the AgChem and Technology Congress you will gain the knowledge to develop your products and reach your share in this market. Learn from key agrochemical companies as well as leading academics, about how they are working to produce more effective crop protection products, including challenges they have faced with their new formulations and application technologies and strategies they used to overcome these challenges.With meeting time available during the networking breaks to facilitate new collaborations, this congress will provide you with all that you need to develop innovative products and be at the forefront of the future of crop protection.
Microbiome Invest 2018
23 May 2018
Novotel London West, London, UK
The Microbiome Invest Congress 2018 is dedicated to showcasing the most innovative emerging companies and academics with commercially viable research that manipulates the microbiome. Active investors, and multi-national nutrition and pharmaceutical companies will also share their knowledge and perspectives on commercialisation and discuss the most cutting-edge products and research in the microbiome space.
AgChem and Technology Latam 2018 - Spanish
23-24 May 2018
Grand Mercure São Paulo Ibirapuera, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Se prevé que el mercado mundial de agroquímicos alcance los $ 266,000 millones para el 2021, al asistir al Congreso AgChem y Tecnología obtendrá el conocimiento para desarrollar sus productos y alcanzar su participación en este mercado. Aprenda de las principales compañías de agroquímicos y académicos líderes sobre cómo están trabajando para producir productos de protección de cultivos más efectivos, incluidos los desafíos que han enfrentado con sus nuevas formulaciones y tecnologías de aplicación y estrategias que utilizaron para superar estos desafíos.Con el tiempo de reunión disponible durante los descansos de la red para facilitar nuevas colaboraciones, este congreso le proporcionará todo lo que necesita para desarrollar productos innovadores y estar a la vanguardia del futuro de la protección de cultivos.
AgChem 2018 - Portuguese
23-24 May 2018
Grand Mercure São Paulo Ibirapuera, Sao Paulo, Brazil
O mercado global de agroquímicos deverá atingir US $ 266,0 bilhões até 2021, atendendo ao Congresso AgChem e Tecnologia, você ganhará conhecimento para desenvolver seus produtos e alcançar sua participação neste mercado. Aprenda com as principais empresas agroquímicas, bem como com os principais acadêmicos, sobre como eles estão trabalhando para produzir produtos de proteção de culturas mais efetivos, incluindo desafios que enfrentaram com suas novas formulações e tecnologias e estratégias de aplicação que eles usaram para superar esses desafios.Com o tempo de reunião disponível durante as pausas de rede para facilitar novas colaborações, este congresso irá fornecer-lhe tudo o que você precisa para desenvolver produtos inovadores e estar na vanguarda do futuro da proteção de culturas.
8-9 May 2018
Boston, USA
The influence of the microbiome on human health & disease has been a growing area of interest in recent years, however until recently the impact of the microbiome on the initiation, progression & treatment of cancer was unknown. In recent months research has uncovered the potential of the microbiome to improve cancer therapies and to be a useful tool for patient stratification and diagnostics. With a better understanding of the oncobiome there is the potential to improve patient outcomes and increase the efficacy of existing therapies and drugs.
AgFutures: Investment and Strategy
25-26 Apr 2018
London, UK
Planning for the future - join 100+ strategy experts from agrochemical, biostimulant, biopesticide, AgTech and investment industries to discover the changing needs of these markets and how to execute a corporate strategy that works.
AgBio Innovate Europe
25-26 Apr 2018
London, UK
From concept to vision - join 100+ experts from the BioAg industry to hear how you can overcome the key challenges within these growing markets and maximise the new opportunities plant health and biocontrol present.
Beauty and Money LA
19 Apr 2018
SLS Hotel, 465 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, USA
150+ beauty industry executives, from strategic buyers, financial buyers and independent beauty brands, all looking for their next investment, acquisition or business partnering opportunity.
21-22 Mar 2018
Kansas City, USA
The Animal Microbiome Congress USA brings together leading veterinary researchers, innovative biotechnology companies, feed and strain manufacturers, animal breeders and producers, pharmaceutical companies, regulatory bodies, and cutting-edge solution providers to understand the latest research focusing on manipulating the animal microbiome, form successful product development strategies, and facilitate collaborations and business partnering.Techniques and products that manipulate the animal microbiome are set to be the next frontier in superior disease therapeutics, diagnostics, and nutrition in livestock, companion animals, and aquaculture. The conference will showcase unpublished data, new technologies, and translational case studies presented by leading academic and industry experts. Our ‘MEETING MOJO’ platform will allow you to schedule meetings across the two conference days to facilitate future collaborations and business partnering. 
CAR-T Congress USA
20-22 Mar 2018
Boston, USA
The CAR-T Congress gathers thought leaders from biotech, big pharma, academia and investment to address the challenges and opportunities of CAR-T therapies in both liquid and solid tumors. Discussing the potential of CARs in alternative cell types, mechanisms behind toxicity and tumor targeting, this event will provide an in depth view into this expansive area.
Human Biotech Animal Health Partnering
12-13 Mar 2018
Boston, USA
Join the first ever conference connecting human biotechs with the animal health industry. Traditionally, innovation in veterinary health has come from parent human pharmaceutical R&D pipelines. Within an increasingly independent and mature animal health industry, new routes to innovation are being established. There are a multitude of exceptional technologies in the human health field that could be used in animal health, but currently there is limited contact between the two areas – this summit aims to connect the two industries.
Artificial Intelligence: Transforming Pharma
21-22 Feb 2018
Boston, USA
The Artificial Intelligence: Transforming Pharma Congress will discuss AI's potential for more efficiently discovering medical trends and efficacious therapeutics and also for streamlining the development phase. We'll be sharing case studies and analysis into current AI partnerships and collaborations.
Animal Health Innovation Europe
20-21 Feb 2018
London, UK
Animal Health Investment Europe is dedicated to showcasing to investors the most innovative emerging animal health companies covering the companion, aquaculture and production animal space.
North America Microbiome Congress
5-7 Feb 2018
San Diego, CA, USA
Welcome to the 3rd Annual North America Microbiome Congress!The 3rd Annual North America Microbiome Congress in San Diego, by Kisaco Research, has become a trusted learning and networking platform and a true business community for microbiologists, clinicians regulatory and industry executives who require an insight into the latest microbiome research, clinical trials and collaborative partnerships.With a focus on 5 microbiome niches such as the gut, lung, oral, skin and vaginal- we invite you to join us for 3 days of intense learning, mind-sharing and networking opportunities designed to encourage meaningful connections. In addition, we will be hosting poster sessions for PhD students to provide opportunities for all scientists to learn about state-of-the-art research methods and clinical protocols for conducting microbiome work.Meet and learn from industry leadersConsider the practical aspects of promoting effective partnershipsLearn from the latest unpublished dataNetwork with top academics and clinicians in the field
Combined CAR-T Congress 2018
30-31 Jan 2018
Berlin, Germany
CAR-T clinical trials have demonstrated unparalleled success achieving remission rates of up to 94% in multiple hematological malignancies…is CAR-T therapy what we’ve been waiting for?Join 18+ thought-leaders from biotech, big pharma, academia and the wider service community on 30th – 31st January 2018 at Europe’s first congress dedicated to addressing the challenges and opportunities of CAR-T therapies.Hear first-hand results from unpublished human and clinical studiesExplore the challenges of the tumour microenvironmentUnderstand how to implement a combined approach to cell therapyDiscover safety switch improvement strategiesNetwork with 100+ attendees to share knowledge and understand the commercial opportunities of CAR-TWith a 50:50 split of academia to industry, build relationships whilst being updated by 20+ amazing speakers from University Hospital of Cologne, Catapult, Cellectis and more on all of the latest developments in this exciting field. Get involved today.
3D Cell Models Congress
24-25 Jan 2018
Berlin, Germany
The 3D Cell Models Congress 2018 will present the latest developments and innovation in three-dimensional cell models including organoids, spheroids, and organ-on-a-chip, as well as bioprinting technologies.
RPA & Cognitive Congress Dallas
17-18 Jan 2018
Dallas, TX, USA
RPA & Cognitive Congress Dallas is assembling leading service delivery and automation professionals for frank and pragmatic discussion about RPA, the benefits and opportunities of this technology, and the real-world challenges they’re facing in implementation.
12-13 Dec 2017
Bengaluru, India
The RPA and Cognitive Congress is India’s first deep-dive RPA and Cognitive automation conference. This event follows on from two successful events earlier this year in London and Orlando, attracting 120+ leading executives in service delivery.
European Microbiome Congress
27-29 Nov 2017
London, UK
The Annual European Microbiome Congress by Kisaco Research has become a trusted learning and networking platform and a true business community for microbiologists, clinicians regulatory and industry executives who require insight into the latest in microbiome research, clinical trials and collaborative partnerships.
RandD of AgriProducts
22-23 Nov 2017
Hilton Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Demand for innovative products in agriculture is increasing, R&D of AgriProducts will equip you with the knowledge needed to succeed in this market. Meet over 100 senior-level executives and influencers from the agrochemical and biological industries.Explore early stage research and discovery into agrochemical and agbio products.
Agformulation & Technology
22-23 Nov 2017
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Presenting novel science, connecting key stakeholders, and facilitating innovation in agrochemical formulation and application technology development.
Health, Wellness & Money
21 Nov 2017
London, UK
Health, Wellness & Money is THE destination for the hottest early to mid-stage OTC health and wellness companies and healthtech innovators to connect with Strategic and Financial Buyers looking to build even more enterprise value with their next acquisition or investment.Every attendee, via the MEETING MOJO platform, will be able to schedule 12+ One-to-One private meetings to ensure the right connections are made.Why Consumer Health & Wellness? $3.4 TRILLION GLOBAL WELLNESS MARKET IS NOW THREE TIMES LARGER THAN WORLDWIDE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY. Global Wellness Institute StudyWellness sectors seeing the most significant growth since 2010 are:Healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss (108 percent increase to $276.5 billion)Preventative and personalized health (78 percent increase to $243 billion)Complementary and alternative medicine (65 percent increase to $113 billion)
Animal Microbiome Congress
30-31 Oct 2017
Millennium Hotel London Mayfair, UK
The Animal Microbiome Congress is a place for veterinary researchers, animal breeders and producers, feed and strain manufacturers, pharmaceutical and nutrition companies, government and regulatory bodies and ground-breaking solution providers to discuss ideas, form collaborations and identify strategies for development to manipulate the animal microbiome.
Animal Health Asia 2017
18-19 Oct 2017
Grand Hyatt, Beijing, PRC
Animal Health Innovation Asia is the premier B2B conference showcasing innovative technologies within the livestock, aquaculture and companion animal health markets. Last year, over 160 senior-level executives and influencers joined us to engage with the industry and discuss financial investment, M&A and market access into Asia. Our 2017 event in Beijing had a special focus on China, with ten strategic partners from the region forming our Company Showcase - a chance for global companies to find new business partners from within China.
Market Access for Cell & Gene Therapy
18-19 Oct 2017
London, UK
With the increase in the number of cell and gene therapies being developed and coming to market globally and the potential to revolutionise the treatment of disease, this summit will discuss strategies for pricing and contracting cell or gene therapies that will allow payers to fund these innovative and significantly beneficial therapies to result in rapid patient access.
Nordic RPA and Cognitive Congress
10-11 Oct 2017
Stockholm, Sweden
The Nordic Robotic Process Automation & Cognitive Congress will examine RPA’s transformational impact as a digital tool for back office processing. The content of our two-day congress details case studies from leading organizations globally and addresses how these businesses have effectively utilized RPA as a means to improve service delivery, enhance productivity and reduce costs.
Beauty and Money NY 2017
28 Sep 2017
New York, NY, USA
From momentous transactions such as Estée Lauder’s acquisition of Too Faced, to a spell of minority investments in early-stage companies such as L Catterton’s investments in Kopari Beauty, VMG’s investment in Drunk Elephant and Main Post Partners’ investment in Milk Makeup, M&A activity in the beauty industry is thriving.
Aquaculture Innovation
27-28 Sep 2017
London, UK
The Aquaculture Innovation Summit is a new conference, as part of the Animal Health Innovation series, which focuses on showcasing and supporting innovation and sustainability initiatives in three key areas of aquaculture: farm management, nutrition and health.
Agbio Innovate Latam 2017
19-21 Sep 2017
Sao Paulo, Brazil
AgBio Innovate explores the biopesticide and biostimulant markets in Latin America, addressing how to overcome regulatory challenges, innovative R&D advances, formulation solutions, and Successful commercial strategies.
eSports Conference
13-14 Sep 2017
Los Angeles, USA
Delivering the perfect mix of attendees – endemic and non-endemic, representing the entire ecosystem, eSCon has been the #1 esports industry meeting for the last 3 years.

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Meet industry peers that will help build a career-changing network for life.


industry peers that will help build a career-changing network for life.

Learn from the mistakes of your peers as much as their successes - ambitious industry stalwarts who are happy to share not just what has made them successful so far but also their plans for future proofing their companies.


from the mistakes of your peers as much as their successes—ambitious industry stalwarts who are happy to share not just what has made them successful so far but also their plans for future proofing their companies.

Note down the inspired insight that will form the foundation for future strategies and roadmaps, both at our events and through our online communities.


down the inspired insight that will form the foundation for future strategies and roadmaps, both at our events and through our online communities.

Invest from the mistakes of your peers as much as their successes - ambitious industry stalwarts who are happy to share not just what has made them successful so far but also their plans for future proofing their companies.


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