ESG Risk Management Summit Europe 2024

Integrating ESG into risk management frameworks and decision making

Central London, United Kingdom
15-16 October, 2024

“As a professional actively working in the climate risk management space in financial services specifically, it was an incredibly well curated summit encompassing all the complicated components of E, S and G.”

Past Attendee: Enterprise Risk Director, Europe & Asia-Pacific, TD Securities

About ESG Risk Management Summit Europe

Financial institutions that successfully integrate ESG and climate factors into risk management frameworks will not only mitigate risk and avoid regulatory and reputational damage, but create competitive advantages.

The ESG Risk Management Summit Europe is bringing together Europe’s leading financial risk experts to explore how risk management tools and practices must be transformed to account for climate and ESG considerations and better support business decision making.

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  • Sharing best practices for managing ongoing regulatory requirements and reporting exercises
  • Developing more robust models through climate risk stress testing exercises
  • Taking on board results from climate risk stress testing and modelling to better inform business decision making
  • Exploring the importance of accurate and reliable data within ESG risk management practices
  • Mitigating greenwashing claims through effective reporting practices, data usage, and product due diligence
  • Looking beyond just climate to delve deeper into all parts of E, S and G
  • Understanding how to balance internal and external ESG commitments when implementing new governance practices and risk frameworks
  • Knowledge sharing from industry leaders to discover the best practices for seamless integration of ESG Risk management frameworks across the entire portfolio
  • Meet, network and engage with 150+ risk management colleagues and peers sharing best practice under Chatham House rules

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