Romain Daillère, Head of Preclinical Research, Co-Founder, Everimmune

Please introduce yourself and give a little background of your current activities?

My name is Romain Daillère, co-founder of EverImmune and acting as scientific director of the company, devoted to treating cancer patients with live biotherapeutic products for oral adjuvants to anticancer treatments.

 What is the most exciting areas of gut microbiome you are currently working on?

We are focusing on immuno-oncology. We are harnessing the potential of the gut microbiota for the development of diagnosis and therapeutic tools.

What has been the most noticeable trends and exciting milestone that’s been achieved in microbiome in the past year?

The first POC demonstrating the role of the gut microbiota in this scenario. Two proof-of-concept trials confirmed that modulating the microbiome composition of a patient with cancer has the potential to reprogram the peripheral immune and inflammatory tone as well as the TME, culminating in a clinical benefit to ICIs.

What do you think has been the driving force for these trends?

Several parameters: - Recent advances in next-generation sequencing (NGS) approaches, allowing for the in-depth study of the intestinal microbiota composition, facilitated the discovery of correlations between specific fingerprints of the gut microbiota with the onset and course of certain pathologies and responses to treatments – Positive Phase III clinical trials demonstrating that microbial-based medicinal products are efficient – Patients are willing to be treated with microbial-based products.

What do you believe are the priorities for the gut microbiome community going into 2022?

Standardization of the sequencing approaches and development of preclinical models relevant to decipher and characterize the role of the gut microbiota.

Without giving too much away could you provide an introductory overview of what you will be looking to present (or address) at the upcoming Gut Microbiome Therapeutics Europe 2021? Why is this important to the audience?

We will provide an update on our recent development and expertise on the role of the gut microbiota in I/O.

What are you most looking forward to at Gut Microbiome Therapeutics Europe 2021?

Meeting people!