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Reproductive Health Innovation Summit
15-16 Feb 2022
Boston, USA
WHI SERIES ADVISORY BOARD 2022WHY ATTEND? Reproductive health is set to hold a leading market share of the women’s health industry, with an estimated global worth of $171 billion by 2027. Start-ups, Femtech, and Technology Innovators are driving the acceleration of new and improved solutions for the unmet needs of people’s reproductive health journeys.The Reproductive Health Innovation Summit (February 15-16) is the destination for uncovering what is next in fertility, contraception and maternal health, from AI and big data to genetic testing, laboratory automation, consumer wearables, non-hormonal devices & solutions and new care delivery models.Join us to:Tackle the challenges that straddle the reproductive health sector, including funding, insurance coverage, access and DTC business-models.Dive into 1 of our 3 leading innovation tracks: Contraception, Fertility or Maternal Health to discover the latest research, innovations and sector-specific challenges and opportunities.Network with the leaders and changemakers with numerous 1-2-1 opportunities, investor clinics and interactive roundtables throughout the 2 days.Add to the innovation and attend alongside our leading network of biotechs, start-ups, Femtech, insurers, CROs, investors, medical device companies, researchers, pharmaceuticals, HCPs and advocacy groups to drive innovation at the convergence of healthcare and technology.
Women's Health Innovation Summit, Europe
26-27 Apr 2022
Basel, Switzerland
WHI 2022 STEERING COMMITTEEWHY ATTEND?Building on the success of the Women’s Health Innovation Summit USA, we are delighted to announce we are coming to Europe to continue the acceleration of innovation and investment in women’s health and Femtech solutions!Globally, the European women’s health market is one of the fastest growing, with new technologies, therapeutics, devices, platforms and approaches being developed to improve women’s’ access and quality of care.Our summit will bring together the leaders & innovators from Europe and Israel, from big pharmaceutical and medical device companies, to start-ups, Femtech, VC’s and incubator funds, to drive successful partnerships, showcase leading disruptive solutions, and to fuel the growth of these businesses and the women’s health sector. Join the leading industry network in women’s health; our 2-day summit is guaranteed to bring value to your business strategy, connections, and growth.
Women's Health Innovation Summit 2022
20-21 Sep 2022
Boston USA
WHI 2022 STEERING COMMITTEEWHY ATTEND?Now in its 4th year, the Women’s Health Innovation Summit is the sector’s premier platform showcasing the most exciting investment opportunities globally and connecting businesses with investors, strategic corporate partners, and critical women’s health collaborators. Our mission is to engage all key participants in the value chain so we can continue to play our role in accelerating the industry to improve the outcomes, access, and quality of health care for women worldwide.Following the industry’s growth, and our goal to address both women specific indications and needs, as well as areas that predominantly or differently affect women, our program this year will seek to address the full extent of this ever-evolving market through a 2 tracked event.We are excited to be providing insight into the business challenges and investment opportunities, from conception through to commercialization and exit with start-ups, as well as deep diving into creating solutions for the most critical areas of women’s health, with highest morbidity and mortality.Join us for two days of exceptional learning and collaboration; witness incredible innovation and start-ups through our industry-renowned showcase; and meet a network of individuals dedicated to the growth of this sector in one place.Be part of the innovation story in women’s health, and attend alongside our leading network of, biotech’s, start-ups, Femtech, insurers, CRO’s, investors, medical device companies, researchers, pharmaceuticals, HCP’s and advocacy groups, to drive innovation at the convergence of healthcare and technology.
Women's Health Innovation Series: Women's Healthy Ageing Summit
8-9 Nov 2022
California, US
Our mission at the Women’s Health Innovation Series is to drive innovation and investment to improve the access and quality of care for women globally. One of the greatest areas of neglect has been the needs of women at the mid-stage of their lives, reflecting a poor understanding of both the magnitude of unmet need, and the commercial potential of creating solutions in this space.The intention of the Women’s Healthy Ageing Innovation Summit is to draw attention to this pivotal life-stage and drive the industry to extend its innovation to the unmet needs for women across menopause, perimenopause and beyond. As the recognised hub for innovation, collaboration and partnership, we will be exploring a broad cross-section of health concerns including menopause, perimenopause, healthy ageing, osteoporosis, incontinence, mental health, oncology and preventative health measures. We will be joined by: pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, start-ups, investors, CPG’s, telehealth innovators, medical device companies and more to drive solutions, awareness and spark discussion that will facilitate the partnerships and investments needed to advance the industry.
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