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European Protein Degradation Congress 2021
21-23 Sep 2021
Protein degradation has redefined the drug discovery landscape, offering a promising solution in the quest to ‘drug the undruggable’. Whilst over the past few years this field as witnessed unprecedented growth, investment, and intrigue (around €4 billion worth, to be precise), 2021 is set to be another showstopper for targeted protein degradation with 15 compounds predicted to enter the clinic by the end of the year.As we enter a new wave of drug discovery:Explore the clinical viability of protein degraders including discussions on delivery methods, optimisation strategies and DMPK & SAR parametersLearn how multispecifics that form connections between POIs and cellular machinery are expanding drug amenability of proteins in this untapped, new wave of medicine.Reach “undruggable” high-hanging fruit using chemoproteomics platforms including DNA encoded libraries and covalent ligand discovery
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Transcription Factor Drug Development 2021
6-8 Jul 2021
With an increasing number of projects entering the pipeline both clinically and pre-clinically aimed at targeting "undruggable" transcription factors, the industry is ready to develop further insight into the commercialization of TF-based therapeutics within oncology and other disease settings. Harnessing functional biology and translational research to evaluate which strategies - including PPI inhibitors, TRAFTACs and RNA modulators - are most effective in targeting these elusive proteins is crucial to stay ahead of the curve!The Transcription Factor Drug Development Congress is one of a kind!For the second year running, we will bring together leading industry players within large pharma and biotech, along with expert academics in transcriptomics, epigenetics, and oncology drug discovery. With a year of virtual events under our belt, our streamlined platform will provide an open forum to facilitate the sharing of in vitro and in vivo data, as well as build a deeper understanding of transcriptional machinery to make the ‘undruggable’ druggable. Use 1-2-1 meetings, interactive roundtables and discussions as well as networking roulette to hear strategies that will help you overcome the structural biology, pharmacology, and chemical obstacles in the design and development of TF-based therapeutics. Here’s a sneak peek at our 2021 offering:Understand how chromatin remodelling machinery is involved in DNA binding of the transcriptome and use this to inform targeted epigenetic therapiesAnalyse hot-off-the-press approaches to targeting myc, STAT, p53 and more including TRAFTACs, protein degraders, CPPs and PPI inhibitorsLearn how to build effective collaborations between academic labs, biotech and pharma and get insight into transcriptome and epigenetic focused tool development
Targeting Protein Misfolding Congress
15-17 Mar 2021
Virtual Summit
With the neurological drug market now worth $86 billion, and the FDA set to reach a decision on Biogen’s Acudanimib in Spring, whether you’re focused on oncology, Alzheimer’s or ALS, it’s an exciting time to be targeting misfolding diseases.Though there are currently no therapies and cures in this area of drug discovery due to several unmet drug discovery needs. The inaugural Targeting Protein Misfolding Congress will bring together academic and industry leaders, such as Anavex, Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Wren Therapeutics, Arizona State University and University of Florida, who are building platforms to identify and validate targets in protein misfolding diseases and intrinsically disordered proteins to combat these challenges:The lack of appropriate disease models, physiological assays and blood biomarkers to evaluate translation aspects and target engagement.Delivery mechanisms to deliver small molecules and biologics across the blood brain barrier.Determining the true drivers and toxic species in protein misfolding diseases. Mapping the druggable hotspots on protein aggregates and intrinsically disordered proteins to target with small molecules.
Targeting RNA Congress 2021
15-17 Mar 2021
Virtual Summit
Targeting RNA is set to be the next big thing; 85% of human genome transcribed to RNA but only 3% translated into proteins, therefore making it an obvious target. With Risdiplam being approved by the FDA in August, and several major collaborations also being penned throughout 2020, including a $190 million deal between Arrakis and Roche, it seems like a good time to target these protein precursors. Targeting RNA 2021 will take a look at the latest techniques to analyse and predict protein structure, as well as hearing from leading researchers and industry on how to incorporate learnings from RNA biology into potent and selective ligands to help prevent, rather than treat, disease.
16-24 Feb 2021
The targeted protein degradation field is expanding, gone are the days of simple proof of concept…. We now have LYTACs, AUTACs and ATTECs as well as numerous PROTAC and Molecular Glue companies with millions of dollars worth of investment. C4 netted $182.4 million in IPO, and Nurix and Kymera closed funding with $120 million and $102 million apiece. With several start-ups launching, including Lycia and Amphista therapeutics, investment in this area is booming, and it’s not slowing down.There are currently over 85 degraders being considered at various stages of development, both preclinical and clinical, as well as in discovery. However, key questions are yet to be answered:How will degrader research translate in the clinic?Why are we still struggling with oral bioavailability?How can we effectively validate novel targets and degrade ‘undruggable’ targets of interest?What can be learned from the new, emerging degrader strategies that are emerging?Once again bringing together leaders from pharma, biotech and academia as well as innovative service providers, the North American Protein Degradation Congress is back to give you the full picture from molecular biology right the way up to the latest in medicinal chemistry and clinical data.Learn to create clinically applicable degraders to the entire proteome at the digital North American Protein Degradation Congress 2021.