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6-7 Jul 2021
Boston, USA
The Onco Cell Therapy Summit (OCTS), is an event that brings the industry together to share novel research, manufacturing techniques, and regulatory best practice. Each session of OCTS 2021 is dedicated to the process of translating R&D into commercially viable oncological therapies.OCTS brings together the key decision-makers for T cell-based therapies as well those interest in harnessing alternative cell therapies in cancer treatments including macrophages and NK.As well as increasing the efficacy of cell therapies, the other pillar of research is into driving a more affordable therapy. The other tracks will delve into best practices in the logistics and manufacturing of immuno-oncological cell therapies.Each day of the summit will break down the key challenges in major topics within R&D and the Vein to Vein process.
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Protein Engineering Congress
12-13 Nov 2019
Frankfurt, Germany
Most enzymes found in nature are not suitable for industrial purposes. The field of protein and enzyme engineering is growing at a rapid rate, with competition within industries high and the need to optimise performance greater than ever. Introducing the European Protein Engineering Congress, dedicated to uncovering the new and emerging practices, techniques and methods of protein and enzyme engineering across industries.With pharmaceutical, flavour & fragrance, consumer goods, animal feed, and agrochemical sectors all approaching the design, build and generation of new biocatalysts and molecules not found in nature, come and learn from our line-up of leading speakers to get an update on the new technologies used in the field of strain and protein engineering. Are you tasked with API and natural product synthesis? Why not hear how the industry is applying biosynthetic pathway transfer and multi-model assembly strategies to generate new molecules for industrial purposes? Are you struggling to craft new enzymes never-before-seen in this century? Hear how ancestral sequence reconstruction, smart-library design, and computer-aided innovation can allow you to discover and generate new and stable active enzymes.Attend and you'll be able to; increase your product pipeline, increase product efficiency and increase differentiation by meeting the experts in the biocatalysis and protein engineering space.This is not your average protein engineering's about industry, sharing knowledge, and optimising your protein engineering method for the best outcomes.
Personalised Nutrition Europe 2018
5-6 Dec 2018
London, UK
Personalised Nutrition Europe is dedicated to the innovators & disruptors in nutrition. Bringing together industry leaders with emerging companies & start-ups to discuss the potential of this growing field on public health. Meet the start-ups redefining diet, incorporating a wide range of analytics and technologies to provide insights into healthcare, and hear from global nutrition companies on how the technology revolution will impact the food industry & influence consumer trends.Personalised Nutrition Europe draws on industry leaders who discuss how to integrate existing and new types of data around health and disease to reveal informative and actionable insights. The Summit will teach you how to better acquire, understand and use your data to forge the key partnerships in this industry. Key Takaways:How can I scale up my product?How can I measure the performance of my nutritional intervention?How can I better target the consumer by understanding motivation behind nutrition choices?How can I partner with retailers and industry leaders?How do I use my data to forge partnerships in industry?How can I target my consumer better and ensure they adhere to nutritional plans?How to identify and incorporate the best science into my business?How can I produce high quality data with low cost testing?How can I improve my business strategy to capitalise on growing interest in personalisation?What policy changes do I need to consider to protect my business?