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16-18 Nov 2021
Boston, USA
The world shut down in 2020 as the pandemic had a global impact on trade and development, but the onco cell therapy industry remained resilient in the face of all of this. In spite of 69% of industry claiming that their biggest challenges in 2020 was meeting their projected timelines for their pipes, the race for bringing the first BCMA targeting CAR-T to the market is reaching a climax and next-generation cell therapies are at the front of mind for those in both industry and research.Significant break throughs in GvHD for allogeneic treatments and in the use of alternative cell therapies mean that onco cell therapies are embedding themselves as the 5th pillar of oncology. New combination studies and manufacturing capabilities are showing even more promise for this sector, but with current treatments still having high costs of use and as there are limited patient pools, there are still challenges in both clinical and commercial use of these therapies.The Onco Cell Therapy Summit (OCTS), November 16 - 18, Boston USA, brings the industry together to share novel research, manufacturing techniques, and regulatory best practice. Each session of OCTS 2021 is dedicated to the process of translating R&D into commercially viable oncological therapies.We’ve worked with industry partners to ensure that OCTS 2021 is dedicated to the effective translation and commercialization of research into safe and efficacious therapies and address these challenges.
1-2 Feb 2022
Following the success of our first digital event in July with the likes of Carl June leading the keynote, the Onco Cell Therapy Summit is returning in its most interactive form ever with 20+ panel conversations, townhall meetings, roundtable sessions and coffee break style networking.The Global Onco Cell Therapy Summit provides a platform for information sharing to enable the discovery, translation and commercialization of cell therapies in oncology by connecting senior representatives in pharma, biotechs and academia. The summit will address the research, regulatory, logistical and technical challenges that are holding back the field.Delve into how thought leaders in cell therapy are addressing threats and opportunities to bring effective therapies to the market through:Meeting efficacies and safety targets as well as the scale of demands.Discovering the latest advances in the journey towards effective allogeneic and solid tumor targeting therapies.Overcoming the challenging in scale up and automation of manufacturingRound table discussions on vectors and the promise of non-viral approaches.Reimbursment strategies and their link to the latest developments in safety trials and regulatory standards Whilst bringing together the key decision makers for oncological cell therapies, this year’s summit will have an added focus on the data releases and mergers that are driving the surge of interest in harnessing alternative cell therapies in cancer treatments.
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