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Microbiome Connect: Skin EU 2021
7-8 Dec 2021
With key CPG brands launching skin microbiome focused brands over the last few years, skin microbiome is entering the mainstream of the beauty and personal care industry. The field is still in a nascent stage, but as next generation sequencing techniques and big data analysis improve, a galaxy of new information is set to be uncovered. With new regulation coming in to hold back the use of unsubstantiated claims, with high profile cases including Clariant, understanding the research and governing of this space has never been more important.Join us this December to find out about the latest R&D and regulation that is shaping the direction for skin microbiome product development with our expert speaker faculty of key industry representatives and academics."An amazing event, bringing you close to industrial representatives and providing you with the opportunity to not only understand what companies are doing but also to talk with them in engage in discussion. What a great networking opportunity" - KU Leuven
Microbiome Connect : Gut Therapeutics Europe
7-9 Dec 2021
Microbiome Connect: Gut Therapeutics Europe is back! This year, you will see numerous sessions dedicated to answering the arising challenges in both R&D and manufacturing.The R&D stream will look at the gut-brain axis and provide solutions to clinical progression, commercialisation, and research result utilisation. Hear from Nestle, the University of Luxembourg, and more, to overcome challenges you are facing before you take your product to the market.The manufacturing stream will help you to identify the right CDMO partner for a cost-effective and result-attaining collaboration, look at manufacturing and standardisation differences and update your knowledge on regulations in Europe and USA for your product protection.Join us for two full days of innovation, discussion, and networking opportunities to further develop your knowledge and business opportunities in the gut microbiome therapeutics field.
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2021 Microbiome Connect Nutrition
1-2 Jun 2021
Research into the gut microbiome has positioned the industry at the core of personalized nutrition and diet. With the global market of probiotics projected to be worth $64Bn by 2024 and a boom in consumer consciousness around wellness following the pandemic, a new wave of product development is occurring.Microbiome Connect: Nutrition is the second global event dedicated to transforming microbiome R&D into consumer products that promote wellbeing. Tune in to meet the nutrition ecosystem across; big nutrition, consumer Health, CPG companies, independent nutrition brands, ingredients producers and formulators. Key challenges and solutions being discussed include;Customer retention - Retain customers through gut microbiome personalized diagnosticsand regimes.Claims development - Develop a better understanding of the regulatory status of products and the claims that can be made and establish methodology for developing trials to establish new claims for their productsPartnerships - Network across the ecosystem leading to new product development partnerships, investment and supply-chain.Product development - Protecting IP and enaching product development and pipeline.Trend identification - Develop better consumer insights to determine the scientific language consumers and understand and what they will buy through spotting future trends. Utilize these learnings in the branding of marketing of your products.Join Microbiome Connect: Nutrition to meet with science and business leaders from the microbiome field to transform microbiome research and innovation into successful and effective consumer products.
Animal Microbiome Congress 2021
24-25 Mar 2021
Virtual Event
Animal Microbiome Congress will provide the latest clinical data and key content on the commercialisation of animal microbiome research. The global market is forecasted to grow to $9,775 million by 2028 due to demand for innovation from the rapidly growing meat and pet-healthcare industries.Current research strongly indicates that animal microbiome modulation could greatly improve pet health and increase the meat industry’s productivity, while ensuring that it meets its sustainability targets. Consequently, significant profits can be created by overcoming the obstacles in reproducing animal microbiome research in industry and quicker returns can be obtained by translating the more advanced human microbiome technology to modulate the animal microbiome. However, these commercial rewards can only be realised by steering through tough legal and regulatory obstacles smartly.Our goal is to support smart interactions between business and academia to enable participants to capitalize on the growing global animal microbiome market. 
Microbiome Connect - Skin - USA 2020
3-5 Jun 2020
2019 was a pivotal year for the skin microbiome, with multinational conglomerates moving into the space, recognizing the commercial value of skin microbiome-based products as the next step in a consumer’s skincare regime but the innovation doesn’t end there…This year is all about the major advancements of sequencing and analysis in this space, and how we can use data to inform product development. 2020 is all about the relationship between skin microbiome based-products, skin conditions, personalization, skin-gut supplements, and anti-aging. Building on the hugely successful global Skin Microbiome series which brought together over 600 industry leaders from Pharmaceutical, Beauty and Personal Care, Independent Skincare Brands, Bio-techs, Researchers and Academics, Kisaco Research presents Microbiome Connect: Skin USA, an all-encompassing event, which runs alongside Microbiome Connect: Human USA as a virtual event, June 3 - 5.What’s different?This year, you can expect 5 unique topics, more attendees and more networking opportunities to explore:Ground-breaking research into how best treat these skin diseases and develop treatments targeting acne vulgaris, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis Vulgaris and rosacea.The translation and commercialization of product claims, the latest trends and protecting your intellectual property.The convergence between the skin-gut axis and the supplement market.Personalized formulation and product developmentTools to increase product claims using sequencing and bioinformatics.Join key opinion leaders and expert speakers across three days to translate the latest skin microbiome data and market analysis into truly commercial and competitive beauty and personal care products.Skin microbiome based-products have been disrupting the beauty industry for the past two years, the question is, how can you differentiate your products?