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The Health and Wellbeing industry, which encompasses fitness, nutrition, cosmetics and more is estimated to be worth £2.8 Trillion across the globe. As consumers embrace healthier lifestyles, and focus more on their personal wellbeing, this industry will experience even higher growth, but also a more educated and discerning customer.

The Kisaco Research Health and Wellbeing portfolio brings you news, webinars and conferences to support you in harnessing this growth potential as well as establishing partnerships with M&A professionals, investors and leaders in the space.

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Lo & No and Functional Beverage Summit Europe 2021
17-18 Nov 2021
Novotel London West Hotel | London, UK
WHY ATTENDConsumer’s behaviours are increasingly motivated by their physical and mental health, leading to a demand for low, non-alcoholic, and functional beverages. Managing the opportunities and challenges associated with a saturated and competitive industry is essential to ensuring customers receive the highest quality beverages. But what do these challenges and opportunities look like in a post-covid world? And how we can tackle them as an industry?Introducing the Lo & No and Functional Beverage Europe Summit, 17 - 18 November (with an additional virtual day 9th November) where multinational alcohol and soft drinks brands, innovative start-ups, active investors, buyers, e-commerce providers, logistics and service providers across Europe meet to find ways to innovate and gain scale in the industry.Our balanced and in-depth content will allow you the opportunity to explore opportunities such as innovation, market expansion, sustainability, scaling and investment, whilst also tackling challenges such as regulation, and attracting on-trade and off-trade buyers. The Lo & No and Functional Beverages Summit provides a platform for you to grow your network and explore partnership opportunities for investment, joint ventures, or even acquisitions between the hottest brands in the market.TASTING TABLESWe are excited to announce the launch of our tasting tables. We know how important it is for investors and buyers to try your drinks, so we are offering tasting table to showcase your drinks to potential investors and buyers! Tasting tables allow attendees to not only hear about your product but experience for themselvesContact [email protected] to book now
Connected Health & Fitness Summit
1 Mar 2022
BST Time Zone
The world of fitness has changed drastically in the past 18+ months. Covid has accelerated digital transformation within the fitness industry by at least a decade, and there isn’t a fitness brand or business on the planet that hasn’t been forced to adapt or to pivot to digital in some capacity in order to survive (many sadly have not).If 2020 was the year of the rise of at-home fitness and fitness technology investments, and 2021 was the year of ongoing economic and industry -wide uncertainty about how, if, and when clients would return to physical gyms, 2022 will be typified by the omnichannel consumer, and the “New, New Normal”. How this new type of consumer chooses to engage with fitness tech companies and gyms alike will determine the future successes, and failures, of these interconnected industries.Against this backdrop, in the past 18 months there has been a flood of investment into Fitness Tech; whether this be in the form of smart-fitness devices, fitness videos and tutorials, connected at-home fitness, or daily trackers and wearables. How can these start-ups differentiate themselves from their competition, and encourage customer engagement, retention, and investment?Join us at the Connected Health & Fitness Summit to find out how to future-proof your company, position for growth, explore new business models and attract, engage and retain your customer base, throughout 2022 and beyond.
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Women's Health Innovation Summit 2021
14-15 Sep 2021
Boston USA (Sept 14-15) / Virtual Day (Sept 28)
WHI 2021 STEERING COMMITTEEWHY ATTEND?Women’s Health is a critically underserved industry, with a plethora of unmet needs, under-researched diseases, and lack of innovative solutions and approaches.The Women’s Health Innovation Summit is the sector’s leading platform committed to strengthening the network, tackling unmet needs and championing innovative approaches and solutions. Our focus is not only on female-only health challenges, but female-prevalent diseases and those conditions that affect or present differently in women.With so many differing health challenges across a woman’s life, our flagship summit brings together all the critical stakeholders to focus on the intersections and sector-straddling challenges, with the ambition of ‘moving the needle’ toward improved outcomes in women’s health.In 2021 these leadership discussions include:Creating Opportunities for Investment and Scaling Women’s Health Start-Ups (Femtech).Technological Advances and the Role of Digitization in advancing the sector.The impact of COVID-19 on Women and Women’s Health, and the fall-out to come for the industry and the patient.Latest Innovators & Entrepreneur Solutions showcased in our Women’s Health Innovation Spotlight.Novel Care Models and Approaches; including moving to holistic, personalized or precision-based models.  Access to Care and Treatment for Women in the USA.Join our leading network of pharmaceuticals, biotechs, medical device companies, start-ups, Femtech, insurers, CROs, investors, researchers, HCPs and advocacy groups, to drive innovation at the convergence of healthcare and technology.This year, the Women’s Health Innovation Summit will include both face-to-face and virtual components to reflect our global community. Attend in person on September 14-15 in Boston or join virtually on September 28 for high-level live discussions, on-demand content from across the series, and the opportunity to connect and have meetings with other attendees.
Personalized Nutrition 2021
28-29 Jun 2021
Virtual | EDT Timezone
Partnerships and Innovation: Driving the Personalized Nutrition Industry ForwardThe global Personalized Nutrition market is forecasted to grow to $16.6 billion USD by 2027. Increasing consumer awareness about the role of nutrition on wellbeing and immunity (in part driven by Covid-19), coupled with the rise in digital health tools, testing kits, and wearables, is exacerbating this trend. There is also increasing acceptance in the healthcare industry that the “one-size-fits-all” approach to nutrition has failed, and that personalized approaches have a critical part to play in preventative care.However, despite potential, there are still considerable challenges preventing this industry from becoming mainstream. Start-ups in this space are struggling with customer retention & feedback and proving that their products work, and CPG firms and supplement brands are still assessing how best to invest in “the personal”. This Summit will provide the perfect forum for the CEO’s and founders of innovative personalized nutrition start-ups to meet with potential partners and investors. It will bring together CPG firms, supplement brands, and start-ups who are specializing in this space, to foster further partnerships and innovation.
Lo and No Beverage Summit 2021 USA
22-24 Jun 2021
Virtual Summit | CST TimeZone
While for many it has felt like the world has stood still, the adult beverage category has continued to grow! Forbes reported a 44% increase in non-alcoholic beer purchases in May 2020 compared to the previous year. With the launch of Gordon’s 00 and Heinekens Desperados Virgin 0.0%, low and no alcohol options are more varied than ever and are coming to the fore.The Lo & No Beverage Summit: North America, took place virtually June 22-24 2021 and brought attendees unlimited networking opportunities and lively discussions with multinational alcohol and soft drinks brands who are venturing into Lo & No. As well as innovative start-ups, active beverage investors, buyers, e-commerce providers, logistics and service providers across North America.Our focus this year was to build successful partnerships for business growth and finance and distribution for lo and no brands to allow brands to scale. We discovered how consumer behavior is evolving, the importance of integrating sustainability as a value and where Lo & No brands fit into the health and function drinks category.
Ingestible Beauty Connect
18-19 May 2021
We return digitally this year for the Ingestible Beauty Connect summit, bringing together the thought leaders and decision makers involved in, or actively interested in joining, the booming global nutricosmetics market.With increasing acceptance of the relationship between the gut & the skin microbiome, ingestible supplements to support beauty from within have already been in trend for a short while. However, with the events of the past year, the consumer is now more aware of their health & well-being than ever before. Thus, brands are continuing to launch such products which speak to a more holistic approach to beauty, and in doing so – many enter the competitive world of supplements & ingestibles.Ingestible Beauty Connect will bring together the leaders of the cosmetics & nutrition industry to explore the latest science & formulation insights, focus on customer engagement & sales strategies, and finally, to provide you with an incredible opportunity to connect & forge partnerships with the multinationals, retailers, investors, indie brands & service providers who could help you on your business journey to conquer this fragmented market.
Women's Health Innovation Series: Fertility Innovation Summit
20 Apr 2021
Women’s health today is under-served from innovation and clinical science standpoints with outdated practices and lack of much-needed attention from key players (incl. investors and insurers). It is imperative to develop the eco-system, shift mindsets and embrace a holistic, women-centered approach.As part of our leading Women’s Health Innovation Series, The Fertility Innovation Summit is the second instalment of our 1-day themed events throughout 2021. Take a deep-dive into the verticals that are driving change in women’s health to improve the quality and access to healthcare for women globally. Reproductive-health-supporting technologies and research advances are on the rise. The Fertility Innovation Summit will focus on how to harness such innovation’s through partnerships, investment, and collaborations to empower women’s understanding and control over their own reproductive health. The breadth of advancements in fertility will be explored from clinical research, to mental health challenges, to the role of technology and digitization to determine next steps for the continued growth of this industry.Join our leading network of biotech, medical device companies, start-ups, insurers, investors, pharma, researchers, and HCPs to drive innovation at the convergence of healthcare and technology.
Senior Living Transformation Technology Leaders Summit
22-31 Mar 2021
Virtual Summit
In the past many senior care and housing providers have not had the risk appetite to drive digital transformation and adopt new technologies within their business. The pandemic has forced the hand of many risk adverse boards and executives to see the business-critical role technology, and the data it generates can play in facing this monumental disruption to normal operating models.Now is the time for senior care executives to take a step back, assess what technology is right for their current and future business needs and build a strategic roadmap for how to get there.The Senior Living Transformation:Technology Leaders virtual series will provide you with  practical workshops, interactive roundtables and executive panels. Each individual session has been designed in response to feedback from the leaders in the senior care industry.This March we will be tackling how to:Determine the right connectivity and infrastructure required to adapt to the ‘new normal’Implement and maximize resident experience technologyLeverage sales and marketing technology & lead digital transformationBuild and execute an IT roadmap and strategyPilot and implement a successful innovation and technology pilot program  This series is perfect for executives ready to build and execute a strategic IT roadmap at their organization and who are determining the priority areas for their budget.
Women's Health Innovation Series: Contraception Summit
23 Feb 2021
Women’s health today is under-served from innovation and clinical science standpoints with outdated practices and lack of much-needed attention from key players (incl. investors and insurers). It is imperative to develop the eco-system, shift mindsets and embrace the holistic women-centred approach.As part of our leading Women’s Health Innovation Series, The Contraception Innovation Summit is the first instalment of our 1-day themed events throughout 2021. Take a deep-dive into the verticals that are driving change in women’s health to improve the quality and access to healthcare for women globally. Innovation in the contraception industry is long overdue. Women's desire to take ownership over their birth control, demanding more choice, safety, efficacy and education has become a vehicle for innovation and investment in this space.The Contraception Summit is about putting women at the centre of contraceptive research, innovations, and education to improve women’s contraceptive journeys throughout their lives. Join our leading network of pharma, biotech, medical device companies, start-ups, investors, researchers, and HCPs to drive innovation at the convergence of healthcare and technology.
Fitness & Active Brands Virtual Live Summit
10-18 Nov 2020
Virtual SUMMIT
In the wake of COVID-19 we are witnessing a rapid acceleration of at-home and connected fitness offerings. With Lululemon making its $500 million at-home play with the acquisition of MIRROR, and industry giants such as Peloton seeing significant surges in revenue, the fitness space is more competitive than ever.Predictions are also being made around the consolidation of the operator landscape. With the RSG Group acquisition of Gold’s Gym, we are already seeing the industry take a new shape. Many boutiques will struggle to reopen, and those that do must tackle further localized lockdowns and the new challenging unit economiics.An omnichannel strategy is a ‘must have’ to diversify revenue streams and stabilize profitability. But going omnichannel is not a one size fits all exercise. It takes expertise, resources, consumer insights and the right strategy and pricing model to make it work. Learn from trailblazing executive peers already reimagining their business models, and take a step back to ask ‘what will my business look like going forward, and how do I get there?’Join us at the 2nd Annual Fitness & Active Brands Summit and walk away with the expertise you need to transform your business model and maximize the $59. 23 billion virtual fitness market opportunity.
Lo and No Beverage Summit 2020
9-11 Nov 2020
Virtual Event | GMT Timezone
In an increasingly fragmented market and shaken by the effect of Covid-19, it is more important than ever for the Lo & No community to come together to explore the future of the category and further position ourselves as not just an alternative to alcohol but an adult beverage.Now in its second year, pandemic or not, the Lo & No Beverage Summit returns virtually, 9-11 November to bring you the unlimited networking opportunities and lively discussions with multinational alcohol and soft drinks brands who are venturing into Lo & No, innovative start-ups, active investors looking to invest, buyers, ecommerce providers, logistics and service providers across Europe. The Lo & No Beverage Summit will provide you with a clear road map for your future, an enhanced circle of contacts and an in-depth understanding of what enables and disrupts Lo & No trends in Europe and beyond.To make a difference and to move your business forward, join us!
Lo and No Beverage Summit 2020 USA
4-9 Nov 2020
Virtual Summit | PST TimeZone
As sober-curious consumers embrace new lifestyle choices, the low and no alcohol industry is gearing up for considerable growth in North America. According to the IWSR Global opportunities in Low and No Alcohol report, in the USA alone, 52% of consumers are trying to reduce their alcohol intake. This is inline with the global trend of health consciousness fuelled by wellness culture. But this begs the question is the mindful drinking movement here to stay or is it just a fad?The pandemic has been a teaching moment for many of us.  Good for the planet – good for me is the major driving force for consumers upping their consumption online. Many brands are shifting to direct to consumer strategies creating more choice and opportunities. How will e-commerce, creating bar experience at home, mindful drinking choices, distant togetherness and on-demand delivery trends develop?There is a wealth of untapped opportunity for disruptive start-ups, mid-tier independent beverage brands as well as multinationals, to create great tasting drinks to cater for this growing market. The Lo & No Beverage Summit: North America, November 4,5 & 9  taking place Virtually is your opportunity to meet with incumbent international brands venturing into the low and no alcohol category, innovative and disruptive low and no start-ups, as well as venture capitalists and ingredients manufacturers who are all entering the low and no space. Network with on/off traders who are hacking into this consumer trend with ingenious menus featuring the latest creations.
The Anthem Showcase
24 Sep 2020
Through this unique innovation session Telehealth Online and Anthem, Inc. are offering qualified applicants a chance to expedite their acceptance into the finalist stage of the Fast Track to Scale (FTTS) Accelerator 2021 Program. The FTTS Accelerator is powered by Anthem, Inc. in partnership with MassChallenge HealthTech (MCHT).Anthem is a leading health benefits company in the US dedicated to improving lives and communities and making healthcare simpler. Through its affiliated companies, Anthem serves more than 106 million people, including 42 million within its family of affiliated health plans.The FTTS Accelerator matches talented entrepreneurs from around the world with program champions from Anthem and industry-leading employers. The goal is to find innovative solutions that improve individual health and well-being and enhance the overall healthcare experience.The FTTS Accelerator looks for startups with the ability to both transform the health care system and impact whole health, a vision of the health care system that continuously supports and improves our overall health rather than only intervening when we are sick. Specifically, the FTTS Accelerator 2021 Program will focus on solutions that address: Behavioral Health Population Health Chronic Condition ManagementPrice TransparencyMedication AdherenceAnthem is looking for solutions that address long-standing social injustice, racial inequality and health disparities in America and deliver support and relief to all affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.HOW TO APPLY?Apply to The Anthem Showcase for an opportunity to fast track your business to success and transform health care.Deadline - September 14Apply today 
Telehealth Online
8-10 Sep 2020
Virtual Event | EDT Time Zone
Telehealth is set for a Tsunami of growth. Telehealth is more in demand than ever during the coronavirus crisis, and a new report from Frost & Sullivan suggests its uptake will increase by 64.3% nationwide this year, given the disruptions of COVID-19.Virtual care has offered a lifeline during a global health crisis, and with it could bring permanent implications for healthcare. Telehealth Online is the destination for emerging, to established, telemedicine companies who are driving the healthcare industry of tomorrow, to come together with providers, payers, life science investors, and pharmaceutical companies as we begin to settle into the uncertain yet inevitable, ‘new normal’.With an increasing number of telehealth platforms bringing new innovation into the field, creating strong and lasting relationships with partners to allow powerful patient engagement for improved outcomes is at the heart of any successful healthcare business, is more important than ever.Telehealth Online will give you the insights, opportunities, and connections you need to strengthen your business, and come out of 2020 thriving. Connect with industry-experts in 26 private 1-2-1 meetings, 10 thought leadership sessions, and 1 innovation showcase to overcome the barriers to bring telehealth and virtual care to patients and consumers, where and when they need it.
Ingestible Beauty Summit USA
23-25 Jun 2020
“The global beauty supplements market is projected to grow by 8.8% to reach $7.64bn by 2025”- Analytical Research CognizanceAlthough science has long flagged the impact of diet and nutrition on skin health, until recently, topical treatments have reigned supreme. But with 50% of millennial consumers considering ‘looking healthy’ as the new beauty standard, brands are beginning to launch products which actively blur the lines between beauty, health, wellness and nutrition, to meet the rising expectations of the consumer.As new data transpires to support the impact of novel ingredients and synergistic stacks within ingestible products, cosmetic formulators and beauty brands alike are turning their attention to designing and testing products that achieve beauty from within.The Ingestible Beauty Summit will bring together the leaders of the cosmetics & nutrition industry, to showcase cutting edge research and new technological advances. This virtual event will explore key consumer trends driving demand and brand loyalty, the latest science and formulation insights and provide actionable insights to brands who are looking to expand their current portfolio.
Senior Living Transformation Summit 2020
26-27 Feb 2020
Boston, MA, USA
From our dedicated research on innovation, technology adoption and the use of data in the senior living industry, it is evident that there are varying levels of maturity across the sector.Some operators are making important purchasing decisions on what technology, information and systems are going to drive their business strategy. However, many understand the business case, have invested, and are in the process of implementing and operationalizing these innovations. Speakers will discuss their business transformation journey, the lessons they learned along the way and their thoughts on how you can do it. They will share what worked for them but more importantly, what didn’t!Learn from leading senior living operators how to:Align technology & IT strategy to tackle business critical challenges like operational efficiency & labour shortageBuild flexible and scalable systems and infrastructure for growthEffectively pilot technologies to maximise ROILead and manage technology change with staff and residentsCollect and analyse data for business intelligence & data driven decision makingStrengthen approaches to EMR’s adoption including information security, privacy and regulation considerationsNavigating and evaluating the vendor landscape 
Fitness & Active Brands Summit
4-5 Dec 2019
Los Angeles, CA
According to the IHRSA (International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association), the $30 billion health and fitness industry in the U.S. has been growing by at least 3 - 4% annually for the last ten years and shows no signs of slowingIt is no surprise that all types of industries want to capitalize on the health and fitness boom. The industry is getting heightened interest from a vast range of investors and strategic buyers including venture capital, private equity, hospitality, multinational brands and legacy big box gym operators.Thriving in this highly competitive market comes with complex business challenges, and strategic decisions around growth and funding are not easy to make.The Fitness & Active Brands Summit has been created to give you 4 key outcomes: 1. Understand investment in the market and what strategic or financial partner is best for you2. Get practical insights from successful brands on leading growth strategy, building a brand and how they did it3. Get ahead of what digital disruption and innovation is coming and how that impacts your business model4. The chance to have meaningful one-to-one business meetings to meet your next potential partner
15-16 Oct 2019
Millenium Hotel London Knightsbridge, SW1X 9NU
The Lo & No Beverage Summit brings together the large multinationals, the mid tier independent brands and the disruptive start ups in one room to learn how to formulate and commercialise premium soft drinks to market at speed. In a time where development cycles are shortening, and consumer health demands are increasing we will be discussing how to fortify drinks with the sensory and social experience for consumer buy in. The event will address the barriers such as creating a successful branding story to educate the market on this new sector, perfecting the taste portfolio whilst managing the expectations of a clean label. With new mocktail concoctions in the space this is a chance to learn how to innovate product development strengthen communication and boost distribution channels to safeguard the successful launch.
Personalised Nutrition Europe 2019
2-3 Oct 2019
London, UK
Personalised nutrition is big business – it’s estimated that the market will reach upwards of $11.5 billion by 2025. The nutrition industry is shifting as increasingly health conscious and hyperconnected consumers seek personalised products - introducing the Personalised Nutrition Summit 2019.As we witness change in consumer buying habits from mass produced goods to personalised products and services, the nutrition space is no exception - but how does the nutrition industry provide for n=1 and meet the demand for this new and rapidly growing consumer trend?We're delighted to be returning to London this October, for the Personalised Nutrition Summit. Last year we focused on the multiple testing methods available, big data capture and analysis, as well as the underlying clinical research behind the efficacy of personalised nutrition. This year, the summit focuses on the creation of commercially viable business models and product development strategies; from drastic changes to supply chain and points of manufacture.Join disruptive start-ups in biological data capture and data analysis, as well as retailers, investors, insurers, ingredients suppliers and leading nutrition and CPG companies, to assess the art behind personalisation, and develop commercially successful business models and partnerships driving personalised products and services.The future of nutrition is personalised - don't get left behind. 
Personalized Nutrition 2019
26-27 Jun 2019
San Francisco, CA, USA
Hyperconnected and health-focused consumers are switching their purchasing habits from a one-size-fits-all approach to personalized solutions, digital interfaces and on-demand manufacturing. The nutrition space is no exception. With increasing populations of ‘biohackers’ there is a demand to self quantify, pre-diagnose and consume only foods designed to fit your daily macros. But how does the nutrition industry provide for n=1?The Personalized Nutrition Innovation Summit showcases disruptive start ups in four main categories; biological data capture, data analysis, meal planning and supplement providers.From personalized vitamins to AI-driven meal planning, we will be discussing how to develop scalable, trackable and attainable personalized nutrition solutions.The summit brings together CEOs, CTOs, investors and founders across the nutrition industry. Attend the summit to learn how to assess the current science behind personalized nutrition, the tools to strengthen recommendations and the steps to foster partnerships in this multidisciplinary ecosystem.
Personalised Nutrition Europe 2018
5-6 Dec 2018
London, UK
Personalised Nutrition Europe is dedicated to the innovators & disruptors in nutrition. Bringing together industry leaders with emerging companies & start-ups to discuss the potential of this growing field on public health. Meet the start-ups redefining diet, incorporating a wide range of analytics and technologies to provide insights into healthcare, and hear from global nutrition companies on how the technology revolution will impact the food industry & influence consumer trends.Personalised Nutrition Europe draws on industry leaders who discuss how to integrate existing and new types of data around health and disease to reveal informative and actionable insights. The Summit will teach you how to better acquire, understand and use your data to forge the key partnerships in this industry. Key Takaways:How can I scale up my product?How can I measure the performance of my nutritional intervention?How can I better target the consumer by understanding motivation behind nutrition choices?How can I partner with retailers and industry leaders?How do I use my data to forge partnerships in industry?How can I target my consumer better and ensure they adhere to nutritional plans?How to identify and incorporate the best science into my business?How can I produce high quality data with low cost testing?How can I improve my business strategy to capitalise on growing interest in personalisation?What policy changes do I need to consider to protect my business?

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industry peers that will help build a career-changing network for life.

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from the mistakes of your peers as much as their successes—ambitious industry stalwarts who are happy to share not just what has made them successful so far but also their plans for future proofing their companies.

Note down the inspired insight that will form the foundation for future strategies and roadmaps, both at our events and through our online communities.


down the inspired insight that will form the foundation for future strategies and roadmaps, both at our events and through our online communities.

Invest from the mistakes of your peers as much as their successes - ambitious industry stalwarts who are happy to share not just what has made them successful so far but also their plans for future proofing their companies.


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